I am not in the trade, I am discovering the activity, is this a problem?

80% of our customers come from other professions and retrain by taking up a hotel or open-air hotel business. The GRAVITAO agency will accompany you throughout the transaction, the owner-seller of the property will send you all the information allowing you to take the business in hand. There are also specific training courses, but they are neither essential nor compulsory.

The recommended capital/funds: who calculates it? Is it a percentage of the sale price? If not how is it defined?

For each case, the GRAVITAO agency examines the accounts and determines, depending on the profitability of the establishment, the levels of bank financing that can be reimbursed. The minimum necessary intake will be automatically obtained from this calculation.

What is the timing of acquisition once you have found the property you are looking for?

After acceptance of a letter of intent to purchase by a seller, it is necessary to wait at least ONE month for the establishment of a compromise, and then at least THREE months

When I sign a visiting bond/voucher, what am I committing to?

You undertake to respect the confidentiality of the elements transmitted to you, and you renounce in fact to acquire the property directly from the owner.

I have to sell my house to have the down payment. Can I position myself on a deal?

In theory, yes, during the presentation of the letter of intent to purchase we will indicate to the seller that you must free yourself of a property and that you are ready to initiate this operation promptly. But any seller will prefer that the contribution is already available. If you can envisage it, commit the sale of your house first.

Is there a skill transmission? A briefing?

Yes, a support by the seller owners is contractually provided for in the compromise. It is for a period to be agreed between you, generally a fortnight.

When is the best time to buy a hotel or campsite?

To put it simply, you can buy a hotel or camping site at any time of the year except in July and August for seasonal establishments which often prefer the sale to take place after the season. A sales agreement can be signed at any time of the year, it will fix the agreements established between the parties while waiting for the date of the final act.

How to set up the file for the bank and when?

Banks are consulted AFTER the compromise is signed, never before. The GRAVITAO agency will put you in touch with specialized service providers who will develop the presentation file with you and will be at your side for this important and decisive step.

How much are the notary fees?

In the absence of a precise calculation that only the notary can perform, allow approximately 8% of the seller's net selling price (excluding agency fees).

Some establishments are in a flood zone. How to identify this risk?

In this case, the municipalities draw up a Flood Risk Prevention Plan (PPRI). It is a complete document and can often be consulted freely on the internet, just search for "PPRI [town name ]...". Failing this, it can be requested from the town hall of the place.

Can a housing accommodation be built on a campsite?

On a campsite, it is possible to build any building related to the activity (sanitary building, storage room, entertainment room, restaurant, etc.). In the same logic, it is possible to build the owners' housing accommodation. However, it will be necessary to apply for a building permit, specifying that it is a "housing accommodation", and not a dwelling house.

We have a smaller contribution than what is recommended, can we plan to borrow over 25 years to reduce annual repayments?

In terms of professional loans, banks traditionally grant loans for a period of 7 years for the assets part and for a period of 15 years for the premises part. It is on this basis that you will have to make your calculations. Exceptions are quite rare and long-term adjustments, when there are any, are of low amplitude.